03. 2023.

Giving an iconic and ownable look to an ageing Korean Skincare brand. The campaign is set to launch globally.

I led the Concepting, Pitch, Creative Dev and Pre / Post Prodution. I also flew out to Seoul to Creative Direct the shoot. 시원한

10. 2022. 

ASUS | Republic of Gamers


Creative Lead for a star studded campaign that we took from pitch to final delivery. Every element done in-house at The Mill (concept, pre-pro, shoot, edit, VFX, grade).  

The campaign featured Teaser assets, BTS content with the stars, a stills campaign and a 2+ minute hero film.

Son Heung-min (Pro Footballer)
Alan Walker (Record Producer & DJ)
Nyjah Huston (Pro Skateboarder)
Karl-Anthony Towns (Pro Basketballer)
Asa Butterfield (Actor)

01. 2022.

Some assets from our latest creative collaboration with VanMoof. Their fatest ever electric bike. The idea was simple, use speed to conceal and tease the new bike.

Work featured on Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, DesignBoom and more.

“Put simply, this was a concept car launch, but for a bike, as bikes are the future! (And as VanMoof so eloquently puts it, a future we should ‘ride together’.) [ARTICLE LINK]


Director: The Mill Design Studio
Lead Creative: Bradley Fletcher
Art Director: Maxim Goudin, Tosh Fieldsend

10. 2021.
Sea Mirror | Design Stories

A series of short films that document the creative thinking behind one of Dubai’s most exclusive and contemporary builds to date.

Conceived, directed and produced (by us) at The Mill.

Director: Rauri Cantelo
DOP: Pedro De La Fuente
Creative Lead: Bradley Fletcher
Creative Director: Tom Dibb
Executive Producer: Nicole Duncan
Post Producer: Claire Braithwaite & Teddie Hanifan
3D / Motion: Christoph Strohfeld, Sam Singleton
Super 8mm: Rauri Cantelo
Colourist: James Bamford
Project Lead: Sophie Ewings
Project Coordinator: George Stovell
Strategy Director: Anna Fogg

07. 2021.
‘They Land Frozen’.

A glacial erratic from the North of England. This and other rocks like it travelled hundreds and hundreds of miles via a glacier before the ice melted and dropped them here, on this hill, in Yorkshire.

Photography: Bradley Fletcher
shot on Medium Format, Kodak Tri-X 400

11. 2020.
A photography series (in progress) that explores the unfamiliar surroundings the erratic rock finds itself in. Something that’s not too dissimilar to our own situation right now.

[an erratic rock is a rock that’s been carried over large distances by glaciers that have long since vanished]

Spending time studying and photographing these rocks was a really grounding exercise that made my past years struggle with time kind of trivial. Once the book is printed nice and big I hope it can offer a simiilar (if only temporary) relief to others.

Photography: Bradley Fletcher
all shot on Medium Format, Kodak Tri-X 400 in North Yorkshire

09. 2020.
‘Where blue waves hit green waves and make crystal’.

I filmed and edited this footage from a trip I made last summer.

[sound on] The audio is from a blind musician who I came across playing the xylophone in Granada’s old town. The acoustics of the cobbled tunnel he was sat in carried the plinks and plonks up and down the streets until it felt more like a soundtrack to your steps than any live performance. You can hear it recorded through the camcorders mic (sorry Mr.). I’m sad I never got his name and can’t credit him here.

Orgiva & Granada, Mini DV tape.

Music: [read above]
Filmed & Edited: Bradley Fletcher

05. 2020.
My first trip out of London and out of lockdown.

Seven Sisters, 120 Kodak film (400).

Photography: Bradley Fletcher

07. 2020.
Social distanced drawing,1.5m sharpie stick.

© Copyright Bradley Fletcher

All rights reserved.